Regina Gale has much to sing about…

I have earned the right to sing the blues, but I must admit my life is anything but blue. Dreams and ambitions once stored away but not forgotten have become a reality.

As a singer, songwriter, poet I share the realities of life as I have witnessed and experienced over a lifetime. What may come from me may really be about you. I sing and write about experiences that touch the heart of human existence, family, friends, love, loss and acceptance.

Raw and very personal that’s what you get from one who has been seasoned by life. Oh, the stories I could tell…but I do not kiss and tell. What I will do is share insights that I have that may help you have a better day and/or choose a better way.

I grew up in El Paso, Texas…right on the border of Mexico. The music that formed my musical foundation was rich and varied. Country music ruled the airwaves and mariachi music was always around. Rock and roll joined by sounds of soul, especially Motown rocked my world. My dad loved the blues and often purchased records that were oratory in nature and of course I sang in church. I was intrigued by the voices of Billy Eckstine, Billie Holiday and Curtis Mayfield. I appreciated the sweet crooning of Johnny Mathis but I wanted to be a Supreme. I guess I am a melting pot when it comes to musical preferences although jazz undertones seem to influence my style.

The most interesting thing about me is that at a time when most would consider slowing down, I am embarking on my life passion in this dance of life. Come join me. You will be greeted with warm hospitality and be in for a good time.


Regina Gale



Once upon a time, I was a member of a wanna be girl group called “Love Nest.” “Love Nest” did not survive but the joy of music and song did.  My involvement with the Quincy Jones Workshop so many years ago was one of the most memorable moments of my life, and I am not the only one who feels that way. It was a magical moment and I am determined that now is the time for magic to once again happen.


I write because it is like breathing. It is something I must do. For years I did not know that what I had to say, would be what some wanted and needed to hear. I dared to be vulnerable and say out loud what was in my heart. “Sometimes He Buys Me Grapes” was just the beginning.


As a speaker the ability to share and connect with others is truly a blessing. Every time life knocks you down and you decide to get up, you stand a little taller. How to maneuver when you feel there is nothing left can be a challenge. Your happiness is worth any challenge you come up against. This I honestly know.



A Singer who loves lyrics that relay a story peppered with a touch of jazz.


An Author and Poet who writes candid and thoughtful poetry, prose and short stories that reflect feelings and experiences from the heart of a seasoned woman.


A Speaker who is engaging, inspiring and personal.


The day I realized that I had become accustomed to receiving grapes as a way to ease the loss of who I used to be, was a come to Jesus moment for me.

I had to ask myself what happened to that humorous person who loved to sing and dance, and always made time for play with friends and relatives. Where was that person, who smiled with delight when walking in the rain on a warm summer day? That woman had super powers.

That day I decided that I no longer would settle for grapes. That day my super powers began to return. Today, I am happier than I have been in a long time.

With every page, I dare to share the candid experiences in the journey of my heart and my life. Even the ones that made me face why or how I could settle for a grape as an acceptable exchange for love.

I can now smile as I tell you that my giving up grapes was extremely expensive…ask my lawyer.










Core – Family and Friends

Life gets complicated with the introduction of -Desire, Love and Lust

Some results from complications of relationships – Breaking Up, Moving on, Back to me (Rediscovery)





“Being a seasoned woman can be a wonderful thing.”

~Regina Gale