Eighteen years old is the magic age for most teenagers. It is the moment that they have been waiting for. As parents, there are adjustments that must be made even if they continue to depend on you financially. Therefore, having a conversation with your child about the following three topics is really important.

  1. Medical issues are private between your child and their practitioner. At eighteen, you are no longer the legal representative unless the child grants you that right. Under the 2010 U.S. Health Reform Act, your child can continue to be covered under your insurance policy until the age of twenty-six.
  2. Finances are a private matter unless you have a joint account with your child. No bank or college will give you any information regarding your child’s private account unless you have been granted this privilege in writing. Bottom line, make sure your child understands that the money
    tree has limits and they need to know how to work within the established limits.
  3. Grades and Academic records are also private. It does not matter if you are paying the bills. You will not have access to your child’s grades.

Don’t fret because you wanted an independent child. With your support, they are well on their way.

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