You may have thought that you would get our home back once your child has reached the age of eighteen. Except, we all know that’s a joke. Somehow, your grown child is back (if they even left) and they are living at home happily with very few responsibilities. Yes, they even follow “some” of your rules (if it is convenient). On occasion, your grown child let’s you cook, clean up behind them and even borrow money for things they need or really want.

Yes, the economy has been bad. Yes, the job market has not been great.

As a loving parent, you do not want your child to become irresponsible. While they are young and flexible enough to adjust to life’s challenges, let them go. You have guided and prepared them to be on their own. You did it, and they can too.

You will not always be around. Your grown child has to grow up and be responsible for their own welfare. It is better that they do it while you can offer loving advice, than for them to need advice and not have anyone who loves them as you do to provide it.

They will appreciate it (if not now, then later). So if you love them, get them the hell out of your house, as soon as possible.

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