When I moved to Hillsborough in 2010 I had no idea what a wonderful community I was moving into. In fact, being from another state I had never heard of Hillsborough, North Carolina. As I searched Durham County and Orange County for the ideal community in which I would call home, Hillsborough won me over. In fact, before I even saw the house I would call home I felt like this was the place I was supposed to be.

My initial impression was the hometown feel Hillsborough radiates.  The vibe felt right to me. I remember driving through downtown Hillsborough and just enjoying the ride, it was peaceful and pleasant. It of reminded me of “The Andy Griffith Show” and” Mayberry R.F. D” which were two of my favorite shows when I was very young.  I was thrilled the first time I walked around taking time to discover local businesses such as “Purple Crow Books” “Dual Supply Co” and a “Cup-A-Joe” along with the many outstanding restaurants that give Hillsborough its unique flavor.

I believe the biggest thrill for me was to find out that there are places I can buy freshly laid eggs, should I want to. It reminded me of some fond times when I was a child. My grandmother had chickens in her back yard when I was young. Whenever I would spend the night at her house, I could not wait till early morning when I would excitedly to go to the chicken coop and help collect freshly laid eggs. A few of the chickens always produced eggs with double yolks. I still get excited whenever I get an egg that happens to have a double yolk. Who would have thought just buying a fresh egg would illicit such fond memories.

The greatest surprise came when I found out that Hillsborough is known as a creative hot spot and treasure in North Carolina. Once I began to hear and read about Hillsborough’s history, I found that this small community is rich artist, musicians and authors. I swear it must be something in the air because I have found that even my own creativity has evolved to a new dimension since I have lived here. I was personally thrilled to meet and chat with our own Anna Jean Mayhew, who wrote a fabulous book titled “The Dry Grass of August.”

In the summertime “Last Fridays” is  fun time to our community. I still remember one night where the band music was so good that it seemed like everyone was dancing and singing nonstop until the last song was played. The streets were jam packed, but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Every age group was represented. What I remember most was the harmony of a community that was in sync with one another. It felt good.

I would be negligent if I did not mention that sometimes strange incidents do occur in Hillsborough. One morning I was driving to town down one of our many two lane roads. There was an unusual number of cars creeping along in front of me. It reminded me of being stuck on a freeway in a large city where it is bumper to bumper traffic. This traffic backup was quite unusual, so I looked as far ahead as I could to determine what was going on. I noticed that there was a tractor about 12 cars in front of me. I know that tractors do not move that fast and this one was probably going at top speed, which could not have been more than 20 miles per hour. It was funny to me and I patiently creeped down the road.

When I finally arrived at the Village Diner for a Toastmaster meeting I began sharing this recent road experience with the members. All of a sudden everyone started smiling, then laughing and began pointing to the window which was behind me. Confused, I wondered what I had said that would cause this reaction. I turned and looked out the window and a tractor had just pulled into the parking lot, parked and the driver hopped off to come into the diner for lunch. Now that was funny. Only in Hillsborough will I ever see this.

I like this quaint little town and I am thankful for all the wonderful people that make up Hillsborough. To me Hillsborough is a piece of heaven where calm and neighborly familiarity is very much the norm.

Have a wonderful day!

Regina Gale is a Author, Poet and Speaker   She currently serves as Director of Communications for the Friends of  North Carolina Public Libraries. Her book titled “Sometimes He Buys Me Grapes” has just been released. It is “A Memoir” about the song and dance of a woman’s life. You can contact Regina Gale at www.reginagale.com.

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