Regina Gale

Singer-Songwriter, Poet, Speaker


“I have earned the right to sing the blues, but I must admit my life is anything but blue. Dreams and ambitions once stored away but not forgotten have become a reality.”


Once upon a time, I was a member of a girl group called “Love Nest.” “Love Nest” did not survive but the joy of music and song did.  My involvement with the Quincy Jones Workshop so many years ago was one of the most impressionable moments of my life. It was a magical time and it is time for the magic to be shared.

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I write because it is like breathing. It is something I must do. For years I did not know that what I had to say, would be what some wanted and needed to hear. I dared to be vulnerable and say out loud what was in my heart. “Sometimes He Buys Me Grapes” was just the beginning.



As a speaker and coach, the ability to share and connect with others is truly a blessing. Every time life knocks you down and you decide to get up, you stand a little taller. How to maneuver when you feel there is nothing left can be a challenge. Your happiness is worth any challenge you come up against. This I honestly know.

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