Everyone deserves happiness… even you.   As a woman the ability to talk candidly about love, hurt, fear and changing the course of the life you planned so that you can live again is important for the one life you have to live. Give yourself the same kind of love that you give freely to those you love.     

This memoir is about relationships and what happens with them when you are in them.  It reveals a very candid look at how, over time, I have treated myself and others and how others have treated me.

There are no secrets left imagined as the emotions expressed remind one that our relationship with each other as people is more important than anything else.

You may laugh, you may cry, you may think that what you read is about you.
I have news for you, it is…

The day I realized that I had become accustomed to receiving grapes as a way to ease the loss of who I used to be, was a come to Jesus moment for me.

I had to ask myself what happened to that humorous person who loved to sing and dance, and always made time for play with friends and relatives. Where was that person, who smiled with delight when walking in the rain on a warm summer day? That woman had superpowers.

That day I decided that I no longer would settle for grapes. That day my superpowers began to return. Today, I am happier than I have been in a long time.

With every page, I dare to share the candid experiences in the journey of my heart and my life. Even the ones that made me face why or how I could settle for a grape as an acceptable exchange for love.

I can now smile as I tell you that my giving up grapes was extremely expensive… ask my lawyer.


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Words of Poetry


Words in Song



My Food for Thought Quotes


Being a seasoned woman can be a wonderful thing.”


“The experience of age yields the wisdom of the ages.”


“Lemons are one of my favorite fruits. I love them…especially the soft skinned variety.  This bitter fruit is tasty as is, but when you add a little sugar and some water you create something deliciously sweet and refreshing.That is what our lives should be, refreshing. We must take the bitter and do what we must to make it sweet, and refreshing.”


“My son thinks I am a great woman who has gotten past a dark time in my life and he is loving to see his mom going after and succeeding in new adventures”


The Song and Dance of Life 

Daring to bare the joy and the pain and trusting to live a life of love, even if it is alone. I am woman and sometimes I laugh right after I cry real tears… I thank God that I am woman.

Sometimes He Buys Me Grapes is about relationships and what happens with and inside them over time, in a very candid way.
Because a woman’s heart touches everyone around her a woman’s heart needs to be whole. When family is good everything is fine in the heart of a woman. When blessed with pure friendships, that is icing on the cake for everyone. When desire, lust and love enter the picture, life often gets complicated. At that point relationships change. Some of the changes lead to break-ups and moving on. Then they reach that “back to me” point of rediscovery, life journey coming full circle.

My love affair with words that express the lives that we live and the people that we love happened by chance. Having always been considered a sound but passionate writer who could capture the essence of a moment in a personal way, I thought it was because I only wrote about people and things that touched my heart space. It was personal because it came from the heart.

One evening in 2013, I took pen in hand as if making an entry in a journal that was no longer kept and was confronted with the reality that things had not been going well at home. It did not feel like the warm loving place it used to be; it was filled with growing friction, with no sense of harmony. It was the beginning of an end of what I never thought could or would end.